hello pool, nice to meet you.

so last saturday, while my dad and his wife debbie were in town, we were able to swim in the pool at their hotel. for some odd reason, swimming pools are rather rare in san diego - compared to my hometown st. louis atleast. i think it's the lack of extreme heat and the presence of the forever available endless ocean waters. i think people consider them lame. i consider them totally incredible. i LOVE swimming in pools. you don't come out feeling salty, having sand stucks all in your toes and on your car floor mats, and there is no potential sting ray attacks, jelly fish stings, or shark eatings. where it lacks in beauty in wonder, it makes up for it with tons of clean, safe, chlorine fun.

amos wasn't too sure about the vast body of water... and for the first 15 minutes he wanted to be held really, really close. (oh and don't worry about his skin - he was slathered in layer and layers of sunscreen - and we hope to get a baby rash guard soon enough).

after awhile, he started to love the water so much. by the end he was splashing so hard with both hands he could barely get a breath in.

so many rolls!
there he is splashing up a storm.


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  1. so cute. I love looking at your blog. very fun.

    twitter: kathblogger

  2. you are BEAUTIFUL


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