my friends, they got blogs too!

so i wanted to make a post on different blogs i follow. this first set is my dear friends that have blogs who update rather regularly. i just love peering into the journals of my friends. :)

love on the walls - my dearest friend alex has a lovely blog (though she doesn't update often, maybe this will encourage her to do it more!) her life is full of beautiful detail, as she has such an eye for it.

mike + brit - i get the giddiest when this blog pops up on my bloglovin news feed. she lives the most beautiful life in canada with her husband and little kitty piper - plus she has a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL heart hungry for the Lord and in love with his Word.

S.L.C. - my fellow san diegon, and treasured friend. her heart is vast, and her life is always on the move (law school, gardening, worship leading, etcccccc). she is one of the most well-rounded people i know, and her blog shows it.

jared haskell photography - incredible photography. bottom line. worth checking out for sure.

claire noel - another incredible photographer friend. ricky and i are planning on flying her into san diego to visit us and take some family photos. her eye finds the most sincere, touching images - of people and the things in her day to day.

theLAvirgin - my los angeles fashionista blogs about her first encounters and experiences with the fast paced life of LA, as she was born and raised in Michigan. she's a genius and she's gorgeous. 

and there is many more - and once they start blogging more i'll be sure and show them off to. :)


  1. thanks dizz! I am going to TRY to blog more! I have so much to blog about!!!

  2. Wow! I can't believed that I was grouped with all these cooool people... even with my horrible pictures from my 3 year old iphone! Wow. I feel so special.

    But we all know that YOU are the blogging Queen! I won't even try and front!


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