goals for june (though halfway over) and july!

1.) make some advertisement banners for see the skyline designs - which i am thinking of changing the name to see the skyline paper co. ? any thoughts are welcome.

2.) make a decision about name. :)

3.) begin tracking finances again using my super duper awesome excel spreadsheet. message me if you want it!!! now with the extra cashflow due to my teaching job, it's important we save it/pay loans with it rather than squander it. (uhhh, that's the worst! - too many iced teas)

4.) make some more wedding stuff for the upcoming bridal gathering/expo i've been invited to - and come up with a sweet table display!

5.) get amos on a schedule when it comes to morning and evening prayer time/and reading his little baby bible.

6.) make a batch load of baby food now that i have a better grip on what he does and doesn't like.

7.) watch amos crawl for the first time. (it's bound to happen soon!)

8.) send out some love packages to those i love!

9.) take some pictures of new products and throw them onto the shop page.

10.) skype with TARA.

11.) go swimming a ton. just because i loveeeee it.

12.) buy a jogger stroller (to kick this baby pooch).

13.) buy a dairy free cookbook.

14.) create some branding items for shop. stickers? packaging? etc.

15.) Listen to 3 different teaching sessions on 3 different book of the Bible by my favorite: chuck missler.

i'm sure i'll think of a couple more!!! how's your to-do list looking?



  1. Just found your blog through TBB- it's adorable and I will def. be back to read more :) I just made a 'summer bucket list' and might have to 'steal' some of your ideas!

  2. Could you add "Call Seannah" to your to-do list? I miss you so much! :)

  3. @tales of a young mama - thanks for visiting! bucket lists are the BEST! i need one of those for the summer too.

    @seannah - duhhhhhhhhhh, should have been number 1!

  4. girl, i would love to snag that spreadsheet that you use for budgeting! trying to revamp what we do right now, and am looking for new ideas - tmjanik85@gmail.com.
    love your list!


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