old videos, part 1.

so as i was browsing through my youtube videos...  (long story on how i got into that situation), i found some old memories i thought i'd share.

bread co. memories with my dearest tara. i'm loving our high school fashion.

low sound, but this is right when i left kansas city and moved to san diego.

brittany, my most talented friend.

my hair is super blonde and alex hands me a frog?

night watch video creating with my dear amanda, back from my kansas city days. short hair.

yardsaling diaries.

that's nate, her husband.

a strange creation made while living in kansas city. short dark hair.

amos' mood swings.


  1. these are the best videos EVER.


  2. I just watched the yardsaling documentary. Every second of it.

    I think you were wayyy ahead of your time about wanting to document intense yard salers. I'm calling TLC.


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