happy father's day.

my father is a man who has loved me so unconditionally. he believes in my life and has always called forth the giftings God has given me. his heart is tender. he has taught me to love my neighbor and the stranger. his interest in others lives if unmatched. watching him with amos reminds me of how incredible he is with children - even i, when i was young. his hope is in the Lord.

i love him so much.

this picture represents some of my fondest memories of my dad as a child. this was taken by him in our back yard. through his eyes, the song of birds and the colors of spring reveal the beauty and majesty of God. thank you poppy.

richard is a great man who has run the race well before the Lord. he has never given up and his heart is set on a God who gives good gifts. he raised a great son, who is slow to anger and abounding in love. his heart is soft and his spirit willing. he eagerly welcomed me into his home and into his family. he loves and enjoys my son, and i thank God for the example of endurance he has set.

and ricky, the love of my life and the father of our son. his heart is strong. he is the calm waters, the steady rock, and the consistent beat to my ever-chaotic melody. he settles my soul and is a pillar of faith and leadership in our home. i have no doubts in his parenting, as his love is fierce for Amos and his desire is to see him fall madly in love with the One in whom created us all. he has taught me to let my heart sing, to sit and be still, to see the best in my friend and my foe, to trust in the mercy of God, and to love the life i've been handed. i could not dream of a better half to this little human who has stolen our hearts.

thank you, Ricky, for shining the love of the Father always.

and as i've said before, you are the moon that reflects the Son, even in my darkest night hours.

i love you.

happy father's day.

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  1. I'm crying tears of joy! Thank you Tiffany for loving me and making me a better person!


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