2 year anniversary // a photo a day 6/30 // i'm hungry

i love this photo. my feet were killling me and i had to go shoeless. real life, folks.

so, let me just tell you about our "june" dilemma. i got my first paycheck for teaching the beginning of this month. i got SO excited for the extra cash i threw it all at ricky's school loan and our car loan. our goal is to be debt free by the time ricky is out of grad school (2 more years). that means no school loans and no car loan. i LOVE the feeling of making huge payments on these debts. I LOVE IT. i go crazy for it. i get it from my mama.

well, while this was happening, ricky got SO excited about the extra cash he spent it on some things we needed but were holding off on until we got the money. the adobe creative suite for our new computer is one example.

so without communicating we both not only spent the extra cash, but some of our necessary living cash. here we were on the 5th of the month with NO money. this is all very ironic, because this was the first month our income had pretty much doubled and here we were pennyless.

so, none the less, it's been an interesting month. it's now June 30th, and we literally have no food in our cupboards. we have some baby food, olive oil, frozen tilapia, non-dairy cream cheese, and some stilllllll not ripe avocado's from ricky's work garden.

i'm starving.

we just find this whole ordeal hilarious - and i suppose i would rather spend my cash on school loans than anthropologie sales. or, should i rephrase... of course i would RATHER spend my cash on anthropologie sales, but - i rest easier at night spending it on school loans.

so maybe i'll search the cushions for quarters, or clean out old purses for some gift cards. :)

at least amos doesn't go hungry because my milk is free! oh the wisdom of God.



  1. are y'all Dave Ramsey'ing it up?? make sure to have $1000 cash emergency fund and let it sit. then after that babystep #2: throw at debt. relentlessly.

    i'm sorry that you two had a miscommunication bump, but it's a good lesson to learn now. i highly, highly recommend listening to the Dave Ramsey podcast during your free time. it will do wonders ... :)

  2. Joanne - yes we have much more saved up than that - but would rather not access it. :)

    I think we are doing great, it was just a miscommunication. I've listened to much of Dave Ramseys. Thanks though!

  3. Are you going to learn After Effects?? You should!!


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