boys will be boys

my little sister came to visit in may - and let me tell you, it may have been my favorite week of 2011.
she brought her adorable son (my nephew) Kyan, and Amos and Kyan partied all week.
we went shopping to every mall in the san diego area.
took long walks in our neighborhood and along the coast.
saw the beach.
changed some diapers!
fed them some milk.
put them down for naps.
ate some enchiladas.
went out to dinner.
visited ikea - twice.
ate some greek food.
changed some more diapers.
fed them some more milk.
put them down for some more naps.

it was mommy time x2, and it was so grand to have someone with me along the ride of the day to day. she's such an incredible mom, and since kyan is 11 months - only 4 short months ahead of amos, i get to watch him grow up, and her parent him - and learn so much from her.

she's so well read on all things babies, and has matured so much. if anyone has a younger sibling, especially if it's your only one, you know how much you love them. my love for kerri is as deep as my love for amos. her heart is soft before the Lord, she loves people, and has embraced the challenges life has brought her with a smile and determination to keep her heart alive before God.

i'm so proud of her, even typing this makes me cry. she's my best friend - and her greatest testimony is the grace of God in her life.

here's some snapshots of the boys together (more to come):


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  1. Oh my goodness, I have tears running down my cheeks. What sweet words for your sweet Kerri. "my love for kerri is as deep as my love for amos" got me choked up, and it was all downhill from there for me. love all of it. and you! and ker! and those BOYS!


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