so awhile ago i won an awesome giveaway over here at my of my favorite blogs i creep on: my cakies. it was from this lovely vintage clothing shop on etsy called Ms Tips. It was the first things I had ever ordered on etsy, surprisingly, and waiting for them to come in the mail was like waiting for Christmas. not only were my items incredible, but the packaging was AMAZING. it was probably as exciting as the items i had ordered. now THAT is great customer service and shop branding.

i bought some vintage shorts and vintage overall shorts for amos - and a sweet pair of vintage shoes (not pictured).

look at that adorable packaging! the tags were from a vintage child's matching game, and a set of kitty playing cards. and the personalized receipt/note is wonderful!

so while getting together my latest etsy item, i thought i would document my packaging. Now, i know it's not the greatest because it was stuff i collected around my house (some vintage wrapping paper, orange computer paper, part of a greeting card. RANDOM, i know). rushing, during amos' nap, so it's a baby step. but i would love to create a more creative "feel" when sending out my goods. it's my only REAL connection, besides the internet, to my customers. i want them to feel special and that i am so grateful they chose me over alllll the other etsy designers to take part in their special wedding day!

and mid-way through amos decided to join me for the shipping party!!!

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