heidi baker, california, and the promise.

ricky, amos, and i packed up our small prius for a small (very small) road trip up to dana point in orange county to hear heidi baker speak. we were meeting a couple there from JHOP and our hearts were hungry for encounter.

i've heard heidi speak many times via audio and video, but have never had the pleasure of sitting under her teaching in real space and time. for all of you who have encountered her, you know what a refreshing and delightful spirit she has. and surprising enough, this woman giving her life to the impoverished in Mozambique grew up 45 minutes north of us in laguna beach - rich, white, affluent laguna beach.


whom the Lord apprehends to do His work is a fascinating mystery.

she talked on the love of God, the promises for the OC, and God's dreams for southern California.

to hear the side of God's LOVE for California, especially for the remnant of those their who are crying out for revival, who are fighting for holiness, and who are singing His songs amidst a callous, numb, and preoccupied people/culture was joy to our little hearts.

it is difficult to interpret the constant words of judgment. earthquakes coming. run to the hills. i've been told to leave southern California until His hand was done with what it had to do.

i am not standing in opposition to the words. i, who live here day in and day out, understand the health of California - though i believe it is the health of our entire nation. and it is i who cry out for mercy for my state and for these people. i understand there is a need for such prayers.

but, and this i am learning, speaking God's promises over His church within dark and oppressed locations can provoke and edify as much, if not more, than words of the sin and judgment to come.

heidi spoke of a vision she had which matched a reoccurring dream i have had since moving to san diego. it was always of a great tsunami rising as i watched from our beaches. i would tell ricky of my dream, and he would assure me tsunami's are practically impossible due to the cliff that block the land from the ocean.

i would wonder,
but now i know.

today the Lord showed that this tsunami is the wave of His presence hitting southern california and his church there. coming in and going out, coming in and going out. she said what was happening in mozambique - what she has beheld with her own eyes - is coming to southern california. miracles. salvations. His love.

and this i believe.
and this causing a groan of prayer to rise within me.
and this gives me hope that the Lord transplanted me to a place because He loves it - and the people there.

and so thank you, heidi baker, and even more - thank you Father - for you've heard our weak prayers, and You're mighty to save.

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