bath time with kitchen forks

so thankfully we have this large, basin sink that was perfectly tailored for baby bathing. i remember viewing the apartment with my huge belly and waddling into the kitchen while Ricky exclaimed, "Look! A perfect place for Amos to get clean!"

and it's so true. we love giving him a bath in our kitchen. he splashes and kicks, and now that he sits on his own - it's become even more entertaining.

and the lighting is to die for in the afternoons, so I was able to capture his bath from this past week.

this little man is growing up. today i held my breath while organizing his diaper bag realizing he will be 7 months on the ninth. SEVEN MONTHS?! where did the time go. I know they say it over and over again, but it's true. i want to cry thinking his little hand won't escape within mine forever.

and i suppose this is it. watching the distance grow larger and larger as they gain their independence. in mobility, in intellect, in emotion, and in heart. and this is a good thing. but oh, to rip them from the womb to the world does come with some blood and tears.

i love you, my naked baby boy.

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  1. that is the cutest thing EVER. you look sooo cute in that pic toooooo!!


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