so here it is.

i am SO behind on everything right now and feel positively awful physically. much of that is due to our horrific weekend of medicines and creams and bleach baths and mayonnaise heads and doctors saying this and doctors saying that and me going potentially mad!


(i will explain soon enough) 

i was unable to tackle any design work and i have some crazy awesome projects to work on for some crazy awesome brides - so i have to get to work. it's a little difficult as mr. amos is in "i love to be held 24/7 - DO NOT PUT ME DOWN EVERRRRR!!!!" mode. i'm not sure if it's all the craziness that was going on or his impending 2 top teeth... or the fact that he just wants to crawl. he can pretty much almost walk (when we hold his arms of course), so we kinda snicker to ourselves when he lunges and rocks and rolls and scoots and almost crawls but just doesn't have it figured out yet. we snicker, BECAUSE, we have this feeling he's going to crawl for about 2 days - and go straight to walking.

hmmm. we'll see. i was in no rush, but now i want the crawling phase to begin just to ease his frustration and fulfill his curiousity.

in other news, i feel a little ill and need to get to bed. i just wanted to give an update?


i don't know.

and such is life, a beautiful moment of posting on God's goodness is followed by a cranky, up way to late lady who needs to rest. oh the fickle human heart!


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