2 years

in honor of our upcoming 2 year wedding anniversary on july 31st -
i am going to be posting, along with my regular posts, some wedding photo(s) a day
(in no particular order, rhyme, or reason) and/or pictures of memories with Ricky.

***extra note
i wasn't too fond of my wedding photography or wedding photography experience for lots of reasons and it's burdened me ever since... (i mean you get ONE shot at this!), but i suppose life and marriage is less about wedding pictures and more about the covenant formed before God that shouts of His great love for us, huh? The Lord loves to remind me of these things... bringing the great divide between that which matters (eternity) and that which matters very, very little (the temporal).



  1. Why didn't you like your pictures?? They were beautiful!

    That's like my biggest fear as a wedding photographer. What if they don't like it? I always get anxious until I hear the feedback.

  2. i always thought your pictures were beautiful tiffany! i understand though. i wasn't too happy with mine either and to add to it, the wedding didn't get recorded! i found that out on the airplane headed to our honeymoon... you just have to laugh about it though. you are right. these things will fade and He will remain.

  3. I always thought they were gorgeous too! In fact, I was a bit envious. :) The photographer we had scheduled for our wedding ended up in the hospital... We found out the morning of that he wasn't going to be able to make it, so a friend who we'd asked to just do candid shots throughout the day of guests graciously and nervously did all our photos. I'm SO grateful for her & glad we have something recorded from the day, but it certainly wasn't the same. We made ourselves squeeze into our outfits a couple months later to take some couple pics. with a local photographer. Makes me want to have another wedding. lol Maybe someday we'll have an anniversary celebration and get some fun pics. from that. :)

    At least there are plenty of years ahead for great family photos to treasure!


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