8 months

amos turned 8 months today. this train of growing up keeps rolling on by and i feel like i haven't even hopped on yet. 8 months?! it's unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE. i say it every month, but i guess that's just how it goes.

he still isn't crawling. He IS, however, rolling around, all around, like a crazy man. that along with: pulling himself up to standing, lunging forward, scooting everywhere, and figuring out every way to move around BESIDES crawling.

he loves to eat apples+mangoes, fresh bananas, and milk. yes, he still LOVES him some milk.

he sleeps pretty well - only waking up a couple times a night to nurse for a second to fall back asleep. i don't mind at all, because he sleeps nestled in our little bed with us.

his two top teeth are bulging under his gums and have made the last couple days of 7 months a little rough.

he loves the beach, big dogs, his baseball and baseball bat, straws, water cups, his dad, playing rough, giving lip and belly kisses, giggling at strangers, staring, his new car seat, the piano game on my iphone, and playing with his hair.

to describe the love i have for my son is impossible, so i'm not even going to try. he's continues to be the greatest thing the Lord has ever given me - and the easiest to love. thanks Amos, for making my day - every day.

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  1. amos should be a baby model. i've never seen a cuter kid.


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