update overload.

So - life is still pretty busy. I know the Lord is telling me to quit my job, but it's been really hard for me. I absolutely LOVE the girls I work with and don't want to say goodbye to them, but it is really hindering my family. I'm hoping to go as a counselor once every other week. We'll see.

Here's the downlow of what's been going on:

1.) Ricky's beloved sister went to IHOP last week and I miss her like crazy. I am so excited she is there, but it has made me very nostalgic for my single, internship, IHOP days. Oh, single ones - seize this season of your life - it is SO beautiful and such a gift! (Especially all that free time!)

2.) I have been busy buying random things we've needed in our home for awhile now. Boxes from Ikea to organize old product from the shop. Some new toys for Amos (just a few). Towels from World Market. And lots and lots of hooks from here.

3.) Our old neighbors left, and now we have been spying on whose been checking out the apartment across the way for our potential NEW neighbors. I hope they like piano, singing, and baby screeches. :)

4.) I am LOVING this season at JHOP. I get to sing with Sharaya on Thursday evenings - and this Thursday we had 4 singers!!! It was so much more thrilling to start choruses and build new harmonies. I feel so alive. On Fridays, Ricky has started a Friday Night Burn Prayer Meeting focused on the youth of San Diego. I lead worship, and it's a great place to be on Friday night. Our little band is justttt beginning and working out some stuff, but you should come and visit! 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA, 92121 from 7-9PM.

5.) I'm planning on attending this class and I am super excited to have some time to myself and meet some other bloggers and learn about my camera.

6.) We have been enjoying the summer with beach and pool trips! It was nice when it was a litlte warmer last weekend (80's) so the water was really enjoyable. (and yes I did photoshop those toys over Amos' nakedness...)

7.) I created my favorite invitation suite yet! I will give a more thorough show of it in a bit.

8.) Amos is busy being a bed hog. I think it's time to move him into his crib!

9.) My favorite little nephew turned one, and I wasn't able to be there. :(  He's such a vibrant little light and I miss him so much!


10.) I've been busy wearing my new, awesome summer hat from goodwill! like a true southern californian. ;)

 11.) Ricky and I have been GOING CA-RAY-ZEE drinking plenty of thai iced tea bobas! YUMMMMM!

 That's all for now! We are going to my beautiful sister-in-laws baby shower in the Valley this weekend. I heard it's about 100+ degrees there so I am a little scared!


  1. Oh don't worry! Hanford weather has been strangely lovely lately. Mid 80's all week. It's going up again this coming week but only to the 90's. Much better than 107 if you ask me! You'll be fine ;]

  2. Taylor - thank you so much! You were right. It was warm, but bearable - and the place we were at was oh so beautiful!

  3. 4) Is that associated with Burn 24-7? I was thinking of starting a burn in Fullerton, but wasn't sure how to go about it.


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