the perfect saturday evening.

today was pretty close to perfect. we spent the night at ricky's parent's house because we woke up early this morning to have a yard sale for his sister. we drank coffee and sat in the early morning sun waiting for customers. amos and i snuck away for a nap around 10 and after a quick lunch and counting our yard sale cash ricky, his sister, and i went to the pool while amos spent the afternoon with his grandparents.

though the entire 2 hours at the pool i was watching other babies and wishing amos was with us, it was incredibly relaxing to get in and out of the pool at my leisure - and to sit in the sun, dozing off on a lawn chair. i felt like a kid again. ricky and i - two teenagers in love without a care in the world. it felt silly, like when i forget to wear my wedding ring.

after that we grabbed a boba thai tea (my new favorite) and came home to amos with two new prizes from grandma and grandpa - a kiddy pool and a swing! we giggled in the bed while i tried to put him down for a nap and sat under the incredible scent of ricky barbequing.

we ate dinner outside in the san diego summer evening (closest to eden you can get), and laughed as amos learned to scoot his highchair closer to the table to grab at our dishes and forks.

oh gosh i love him.

it ended with amos asleep and i in that little windowed corner with my laptop designing some invitations.

life is beautiful and the Lord loves us so.

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