for today, i praise God.

i understand every mother loves taking pictures of their child. even though i kiss and squeeze and look at his face every day - i can't help but busting out my SLR and capturing these wonderful moments with my son who seems to be changing drastically every day (this thing called GROWING UP - ahhh, what's that all about!?)

so today as i was cooking up my salad, and he was sitting their shirtless in our warm apartment, i had to steal the moment and make it a memory. his rolls. his smiles. his hand claps. his absolute innocence and sweetness.

there are times when i think about him becoming a man, and it's this terrifying thought. wonderful and terrifying. i cannot comprehend it - his independence, his maturity, his "owness" - but i know these things are good and beautiful before the Lord.

but for today, he's my little baby boy. who reaches for me when he sees me. who gives my lips kisses and claps when i say, "yeah". he's the one who sleeps nuzzled next to my stomach and looks to me to subdue his cries. for today, the Lord has given me this one to serve and love - and for that, i am thankful. for today, i praise God.

oh i love love love him!

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  1. and I love the fact that you take so many pictures of Amos b/c it gives me an endless supply of desktop backgrounds for my computer.


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