sewing mondays.

yesterday was one of those good ol' pleasant days. i woke up from a morning nap with amos (as we had a horrible nights rest on sunday) and packed up our little prius with my sewing machine, material, patterns, and camera and headed up north to my lovely friend sharaya's home. her house is one of my FAVORITE family homes i have ever been in. except for maybe this lovely lady's home, but that was many, many years ago.

anyways, next time i visit i am going to take some photographs to give a little home tour.

we drove up, while i chowed down on some pistachios. too many, mind you, which made me really sick feeling later that day.

when amos and i arrived sharaya and i set to work while amos made a huge, baby mess on the floor. i hemmed a dress i bought at a thrift store that i'll feature later and i made a braided garland for the display table for See the Skyline for a bridal bazaar next tuesday. Sharaya made a pillow i forgot to take a picture of - but hopefully will get one later on.

Sharaya on her grandmother's sewing machine.
Amos' precious baby mess.
Amos napping after his huge mess makin' baby time.
Amos showing off his passion for electric cords. don't worry, immediately after catching him in the act i moved him away. :)
Thank you to all my dear friends who helped pitch in last birthday to buy me this sewing machine. I love you all so much!!!!

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