You interested?


why hello!

i have some thoughts and invitations i'd like to share:

1.) I have not forgotten about the financial spreadsheet. I am sooooo exhausted from this week (and today!) that I'm putting it off until tomorrow (along with a dozen other things) to gather up all the emails and send it out. Please forgive my delay!!!

2.) I have been thinking about starting some sponsorship for the side of my blog. I would love to feature blogs, shops, products, and more! It would be a very low cost, as it is the first time I am doing it, but would anyone be interested? If so - just shoot me an email: seetheskyline@gmail.com. An email isn't a commitment, but if you have any questions or are thinking about it - let me know! I receive about 7,000+ hits a month - just to give you a quick stat.

3.) I want to start a penpal program. Please email me if you are interested in this! I would love to do package exchange... where we each package up 5-6 goodies and send them to each other. Rather you are new here, a blogging friend, or whomever! Let me know if you'd love to do a switcharoo. :)

I attended this workshop today hosted by these ladies. It was so lovely, but LA trips with babies is always exhausting. I have so much to do - I feel slightly overwhelmed... or, honestly, massively overwhelmed. Hopefully I can get back on track sooner than later! I'm off to bed to get rested for a busy, busy day again tomorrow... (and the next and the next and the next - oh boy...!)


  1. I would love a penpal but can't afford to do packages. If you ever do a letter option, I'd be in :)

  2. So jealous you were able to attend that class! How wonderful. I would love to exchange some notes back and forth about being "work at home" momma's--I know we don't know each other well and mostly have mutual friends, but I would love it if I could be a support & encouragement to you! I am embarking on a similar plan as well. I will try and remember to lift you up with all of the new-ness on the horizon for you!

  3. Hi Tiffany! This is Kira from the workshop on Saturday.. It was so nice to meet you and I've loved looking through your blog - your son is so beautiful! Hope to keep in touch!

  4. Ohh what lovely things! I adore all the hair accessories.



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