Cucumber, Tomato, Kidney Bean, Corn, Quinoa (and more!) Summer Salad

This is such a quick, simple (and mostly raw!) recipe that you can refrigerate and eat throughout the week.

Here is what you'll need:

Quinoa - One cup
Tomatoes - I used about 5-6 Roma Tomatoes from our farmer's market and some grape tomatoes.
Sweet Corn - I used some organic frozen corn from the grocery store. About 1/2 Cup - 1 Cup.
Green Onions - Also from our farmer's market. I cut about 1/2 cup.
Kidney Beans - Cheap, delicious, healthy protein! Ours was an organic brand that comes in a can.
Cilantro - I cut up about 4 tablespoons. I'd taste test to see how much you need/want.
Cucumber (not pictured) - I used 3 very small ones from our farmer's market.
Red Onion (not pictured) - I chopped up about a 1/4 of a red onion.
Rice Vinegar - I just splashed some in there. Maybe 1/4 cup?
Olive Oil - Same thing.
Salt & Pepper

Oh and don't forget - you also need a little helper like this one!

First cook up some quinoa. I always use a rice cooker when possible because it is SO hassle free! You can also substitute the quinoa for cous cous, bulgar wheat, brown rice, or whatever! I like quinoa because it is very light and compliments the salad well.

After that, chop up all your ingredients and mix them in a bowl. Super easy! I skinned my cucumbers (to take away the bitter taste) and scraped out the seeds with a spoon (to take away the slime). I drained and rinsed my beans. I rinsed my frozen corn in warm water. Chopped all my veggies and mixed it together!

Yum! I served mine over the finished quinoa (after it cooled a bit) ...

While Amos enjoyed his bananas:



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