Hello World, I'm a grown up!

So, Tuesday came and went, and I'm sitting here laughing at the fact I'm now considered part of the "wedding industry." So insane.

It was a wonderful event in an absolutely ridiculously gorgeous location. There were vines with fresh grapes, fog in the distance, and secret gazebos hidden behind walls of ivy.

I sat up my little table - using the random things I pulled from around the house. Both Ricky and I were sitting on our living room floor the night before making a mock-up of my table. I would explain, "Go grab that vase from the shelf in the kitchen - that might look sweet!" and Ricky would haphazardly leap over my display to retrieve previously requested item while I would then freak out as the whole display would almost come crashing to the floor.

It looked pretty snazzy, considering. I now have greater clarity for my thrift store/flea market hunts. Sweet items to display the invites. I'm hoping for some of these to help with my next set up.

http://maemaepaperie.com/ - but i love their use of menu stands.

I also had some business cards that I created, LITERALLY, in 5 minutes while Amos was occupied with a blue straw the day before. They aren't the grandest, but they served the purpose they were set out to do. Here's a glimpse. (P.S. If anyone has anywhere they know to put them that would reach some brides - let me know! I'll send you some.)

The sad part of the day was I only had my iPhone (and the cross process ap). We have misplaced our Canon camera battery charger and it was dead the night before. I got what I could, but I'm hoping my new friend and some of the professionals there took some crisper images.

The event was put on by the lovely Erin Hall of Hall Events who has INCREDIBLE taste. If I would have known about her at my wedding, I would have most definitely had her work her magic. Check out this beautiful display with an antique typewriter. AHHHH! I love it!



it was so lovely - and tomorrow i'm going to talk about my new friend and her absolutely incredible shop and some of the other vendors that were there.


  1. iPhone pictures are fantastic! That's another reason that I "need" one: in case I forget my camera (happened last night).

    Thanks for the little shot out :) I'll send you those pictures today! (I haven't even looked through them yet, haha.) It was so bright, I hope I got some good ones! :)

  2. You're so sweet! I'll be there for vow renewals with my vintage goodies in tow! So glad you had a great time and met Chelsea! I would love to get coffee with you girls sometime... I need some crafty, creative friends :)

  3. this is sooo sweet!!! so excited for you tiffyyyy!!

  4. this is sooo sweet!!! so excited for you tiffyyyy!!

  5. how'd it go at the wedding expo? did you get a lot of interest from your table??

  6. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! I am so proud of you!!!


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