bursting hearts.

i have this friend. when i think of her, i am reminded when we first met (again) and she told me about the Lord and his fire. her heart burned, and so did mine. i found one who was made for me. the Lord formed us in our mother's wombs with the thought of the other. He said, "this one will run with Tiffany, together they will call on my name."

we have went through the most beautiful seasons together - shaving our head (long story for another day), meeting our husbands, falling in love, letting go of singleness, embracing marriage, and now finding the joy and redemption in motherhood.

she is beautiful. and now she has a little one, who will burn before the Lord. her heart is vivid - like a bright cup waiting to be filled up. she will love the widow and orphan. the banner over her life will be the love of God and the power that that love will bring/has brought to mankind.

i saw their family photos moments ago, and my heart was bursting. BURSTING.

Father, thank you for this family and this one who sings back to me my hearts song. over and over and over again.

all photographs were taken by the beautiful claire noel and you can see more over here


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