Dear Nina // v1

remember this? this is the first time i met you!

Dear Nina,

     I think I am just now figuring out you aren't around anymore. I kept going over to Grandma and Grandpa's looking for you - but thought, "Oh, you'll be back" - because you always came back. It's been awhile now and I haven't seen your face. Mom tells me you went to Kansas City. I don't know what a City is, but she smiles when she tells me so I know it must be good. I'm really happy to have a Nina who follows her heart, even if it's scary. I want be like you - so today I scooted all the way across the floor to reach a flip flop. It was pretty amazing.

    I heard you cried when you read how I got stung by that bumble bee. Mom cried a lot too. I think it's pretty cool I'm so loved so much by my mom AND you.  I don't think other babies are this lucky. Anyways, Dad keeps singing about it (my bee sting), and even wanted to keep it in a bag in the freezer to show me when I got older. He told me I was pretty mighty to survive a bee sting at 8 1/2 months old. Dad's awesome.

    Well, just to update you - today I ate bananas - TWICE, and mom put water in my mouth through a straw. I loved it so much that I learned how to sign "more." Now I do it when I want more of anything! Puffs and bananas and water - because those are my favorites. I also do a little dance when dad shakes his maraca and I kiss people's bellies to get them to giggle.

    I miss you and I even stayed up late tonight to see your face on the phone. Thanks for being my Nina (and so beautiful!).


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